Thanet Grange Membership

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The 24 hour gym consists of

4 Treadmills

3 Cross Trainers

2 Cycles

1 Recumbent Cycle

1 Concept 2 Rower

Leg Extension Machine

2 Lat Pulldown Machines (one has Seated Row ability)

Chest Press Machine

Shoulder Press Machine

Back Row Machine

Double Cables Unit (with Pullup section)

1 Max Rack Unit (with pullup section)

Free Weights Section

Bench Press Unit

2 Adjustable Benches

2 Heavy Punch Bags (hanging)

9 Spin Bikes

Minimum of 10 bespoke classes per week for extra motivation from boxing to cycling, step to weights classes (additional charges may apply to specialist classes.)

Contact Us:  01702 371 050