We are writing to you today to highlight a decision made by Nuffield Health and RBS regarding the changes to the operation of our Swimming Pool, to ensure the continued safety of children using the facilities through the provision of Lifeguards.

Why are we changing the Lifeguard operation of our poolside facilities?

Following a serious incident earlier in the year at David Lloyd Leisure, Nuffield Health has reviewed poolside arrangements and now as part of our Pool Safety Operating Procedures, it has been decided that Lifeguards will be in attendance during all children’s swimming hours at Nuffield Health facilities.  Since the opening of our Pool in 2005, Lifeguards have not been a legal requirement as our pool is under 170sqm.  The RBS pool is 160sqm.  However, we have always maintained a team of trained Lifeguards as responders rather than fulfilling lifeguard duties on poolside.

What changes are we making?

A review has recently taken place of attendance levels by children using the pool facilities over the last 6 months.  Due to the low sporadic usage recorded over this period between 09:00 – 15:00 Monday to Friday, we are changing children’s access hours to ensure their continued safety and be able to implement Lifeguards without having to increase Child membership fees.

Following this review, we will be actively Lifeguarding the poolside area and have reviewed children’s access hours from Thursday 1st November 2018 will be:

Mon – Weds   15:30 – 17:00 Thu – Fri        15:30 – 19:30 Weekends      08:00 – 17:45 (Unchanged)

As Lifeguards will now be present on poolside, our Child to Parent ratio will increase to 3:1.

At Nuffield Health we’re proud of our charitable purpose and believe in an ethical approach to do the right thing by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.  In the case of managing the poolside at RBS we have elected to include Lifeguards at additional cost to exceed our legal obligation to ensure the safety of children using our facility.

Membership Implications

Child access hours will be reduced from Thursday 1st November 2018 to increase safety through the provision of Lifeguards.  There will be no increase to the Child Aqua Membership which will remain at £6.50 p.m. Swimming Lessons will still operate at the Centre on Thursday, Friday & Sunday with Jenni Chalmers and Carol Jackson.  Some lessons may require moving to a later time during the week.  Further information will be communicated shortly. A new Adult Swimming Technique Class with Carol has been added as part of the Time Table Thursdays at 19:00 – 20:00.

We understand that this is a considerable change to the membership for your children.  To continue the child access hours as they were would have resulted in a significant increase in child membership subscriptions.  If you would like to speak to us in further detail regarding any children linked to your membership, please contact the centre.

By making this decision to review child access hours we have been able to retain fees at the current rate and increase the safety of our poolside facilities.

Yours in Health

RBS Fitness & Wellbeing Centre

0131 626 3412